Leading players in change

Founded in Bologna in 1940, Pietro Fiorentini is a leading industrial company in North-East Italy and is recognised as a Historic Brand of National Interest. With more than 80 years of experience across the entire natural gas supply chain, today the Group has expanded its horizons towards the development of technologies and solutions for a sustainable, digital world, with a particular focus on renewable energy projects. The goal is to be a leading player in the changes that will distinguish the playing field that our company inhabits and operates within in the coming years, such as digitalisation, the transition towards cleaner energy sources and greater responsibility regarding economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Leading players in change

In 2022 the Pietro Fiorentini Group reached consolidated revenues around € 500 million, an increase of about 8% compared to 2021. The Group boasts a consolidated clientele of natural gas distribution and transportation companies, oil & gas companies, EPCs, industrial end-users and utility companies, which recognise its absolute standing in terms of product and process innovation. Production is centred around a wide range of technologically-advanced solutions for the entire natural gas supply chain: from components and services for distribution and transmission networks, to a series of engineered solutions that include valves, multiphase flow meters, processing plants, reduction and metering units and stations. In addition to its main headquarters in Arcugnano (Vicenza), the Pietro Fiorentini Group has around 40 locations amongst its production and commercial sites, both in Italy and abroad, and employs around 2,500 people worldwide, with a distribution network that reaches over 100 countries across the continents.

In the last decade, the Company has made significant investments in R&D, M&A, its factories and production systems, thanks to which it now holds a leadership position in smart metering today, as well as in smart grids more generally. More recently, In the context of the energy transition process, the Group has ehnanced its efforts to seize the new opportunities related to green energy sources, such as biomethane, hydrogen and Power-to-gas. More recently, the Group is expanding its horizons towards water metering, water cycle digitalization and in the environmental sector.

Our clients are the foundation of all our day-to-day work, as part of a customer centricity rational that does not end with a mere focus on product quality or process optimisation, but is also inextricably linked to all the other elements (technical support, maintenance services, logistics, information and communication) that distinguish our relationship.

We work by integrating Lean Management principles, which has earned us the nickname of the Toyota of Italy over the course of more than 20 years of rigorous application through our Agile Team network. These principles are dedicated to developing versatile projects of the utmost importance, with a rapid and flexible rational.

Our long-time strategy is focused on sustainability, not only of our business but also of the environmental system and society in which we live. Protecting the world that we will leave to the future generations is everyone’s responsibility and, as a company, we will do our part to prevent possible negative external effects related to our business and our industry. This goal can only be achieved through continuous investment in training and individual empowerment. Because human capital is our real strength, and it is only through the cooperation of all our employees that we will be able to overcome the challenges of the future.

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