Technological solutions for the energy industry

The energy industry spans the entire globe, and there are dozens of steps that involve various players of the value chain. From the companies that extract oil and natural gas (both on land and at sea) to the renewable energy producers, gas transmission companies and distribution utilities. For all these players, Pietro Fiorentini provides technically-advanced solutions that meet all their needs, thereby guaranteeing the utmost quality and safety in all situations.

Gas distribution MP

A network without limits

Thousands of Pietro Fiorentini systems and components are installed on distribution networks all over the world, with the aim of bringing the gas pressure to the correct level in relation to the type of use, reaching even the most remote points for a truly limitless network. From city gates, where the gas is reduced in pressure and metered, to the supply stations of large industrial users and the connection points with the local distribution network, our solutions form the basic structure of a branched and interconnected network. Not to mention the odorization systems and services, that give natural gas (originally odorless) its characteristic pungent smell to enable the detection of any leaks.

  • Gas reverse flow
  • Power generation
  • Heavy industry
  • Gas engines
  • Regasification
  • District stations

Gas distribution LP

In the heart of the cities

The last section of the distribution network is the one that allows gas to reach homes and offices, through a network of small to medium sized pipelines that branch off from the medium pressure networks down to the end users. In the final reduction stations, known as district stations, the gas reaches the appropriate pressure to reach and supply commercial users and private homes. Domestic regulators, digital instruments, smart meters: all Pietro Fiorentini components are at the forefront of technology, always putting first the safety of the users.

  • Medium/small industry
  • Commercial users
  • Residential users
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